Minister of Youth, Family and Sports, Stephen Lashley??

Barbadians must join hands to eradicate all negative practices and anti-social behaviours in the country, while at the same time casting a safety net around children and the elderly.

Minister of Youth, Family and Sports, Stephen Lashley, proffered this view on the eve of International Day of the Family, which will be observed tomorrow, Saturday, May 15. "The Impact Of Migration On Families Around The World" is this year’s theme, but it has been modified by Barbados to include the implications of the various subcultures which are impacting on society.????

Mr. Lashley said the arrival of migrants has meant exposure to a different way of living, speaking and interaction. "Coupled with this, is the socialisation of our most impressionable minds via cable tv, and the internet, which has resulted in the emergence of subcultures, depicted and acted upon via our choices in music, dress and social activity. All of this is having a negative impact on family life, and particularly on our children," he lamented.

Admitting that lawlessness and negative conduct in any form would have to be curbed if it arose, Mr. Lashley stressed, however, that it was important to embrace, identify and celebrate the positive behaviour exhibited by the majority of the youth.??

With that in mind, he called on the media to regularly highlight "our many positive young people, rather than focus on the negative minority".

Mr. Lashley urged all persons to try to build a Barbados that is ideal, yet real, safe, clean and healthy for raising families. He argued that if this was achieved, it would augur well for the positive and sustainable development of the island in the 21st century.

Mr. Lashley noted that people were important to the growth of any society, and maintained that each person is a representative of a family unit. "The type of nation and the success it reaps is heavily dependent on the character, the level of consciousness and the productivity of the persons found within it. It is imperative that persons who comprise a family are given support and strong foundations from the beginning of their lives," he asserted.

The Minister encouraged families across the island to spend time together tomorrow, whether they are engaging in some form of physical activity, quiet reflection or family devotion.

International Day of the Family is set aside to highlight the importance of families and aims to foster equality by bringing about a fuller sharing of domestic responsibilities and employment opportunities.

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