???(Don???t) throw the baby out with the bath water.???

These cautionary words came from the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Youth, Ruth Blackman who spoke at the Ministry headquarters in Sky Mall, Haggatt Hal, St Michael.

She was addressing the 2015 Parish Ambassadors at a ceremony to present copies of the book: “Barbados – Customs to Treasure: Early Gems of Bajan Creativity??? written by Former Senator Glyne Murray.

Ms. Blackman stated that, ???[in Barbadian Culture] there are some things you can drop??? there are [also] those little nuggets that we have to keep because it is those nuggets that make us who we are and define us as a people.???

The Permanent Secretary stated that the book highlights many of the positive aspects present in Barbadian traditions and heritage. She also advised that it would be a useful source of information for the Parish Ambassadors to use while they worked on their year-long parish project under the theme ???Community Based Tourism???.

While thanking the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited (ICBL) for donating copies of the book to the Community Independence Secretariat, Mrs. Blackman added that the book had great historical worth for the coming generation.?????It will also help you as youngsters to take a glimpse back into Barbados??? heritage [and] the creativity of our people in the post emancipation period.???

Author of the book, Glyne Murray, who also worked with the Community Independence Celebration Secretariat???s (CICS) Parish Ambassadors Programme from its inception, expressed satisfaction that the programme continued to flourish with each passing year. He stated that ???[it is one of the most] gratifying things I ever did in my career in the public service???it is good to be able to see it move onto another level.???

Mr. Murray also praised the many entities involved in the development of the programme, ???I want to commend those who over the last 20 years have played various roles in maintaining the integrity of the programme, making it a worthwhile and attractive venture.?????This year is the CICS???s 20th year of operation.


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