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The Ministry of Health has reminded the public that rats and mice are a menace to our society. Aside from spreading of Leptospirosis and Salmonellosis, they can destroy crops and homes.

Rodents require a source of food and water and a place to live. Carelessness in this respect can lead to increased populations of this pest. Open garbage cans and food left out for household pets can attract rodents as well as derelict buildings, abandoned cars, dense bush and rock heaps.

In addition, rodents can gnaw at, and destroy wood work, kitchen pipes and other household articles. They are also capable of gnawing through cable insulations and electrical wires and this could easily cause electrical fires.

Rats and mice are known to contaminate food and water with the Leptospirosis bacteria. Persons are advised, by the Ministry of Health, to throw away any food which may be contaminated to prevent the spread of the disease and to take into account the information available regarding the prevention of rodent infestation and symptoms of Leptospirosis.


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