Minister of Sports, Stephen Lashley (right), in conversation with member of the International Olympic Committee, Austin Sealy (right), and President of the Barbados Tennis Association at the Davis Cup zone group. (C. Pitt/BGIS)??

This island’s Minster of Sports, Stephen Lashley, is urging Barbadians, especially sports enthusiasts, to spend part of their weekend taking in some of the Davis Cup action at the National Tennis Centre in Wildey.

Shortly after greeting the Barbados and Paraguay tennis players, Mr. Lashley expressed the view that "high quality" tennis would be played over the next few days.

He said the National Sports Council had a vibrant sports programme, which included tennis, in the schools and he was satisfied that many young people were interested in the sport. "I believe persons are stepping up to the plate and this is certainly great for lawn tennis in Barbados," he stated.

The Barbados and Paraguay teams at the Davis Cup at the National Tennis Centre. (C. Pitt/BGIS)

The Minister congratulated the Barbados Tennis Association for being able to attract the Davis Cup, proffering the view that the exposure would bring "world attention" to the island.

"Two of our key players who are playing today … have gotten to the level where they were able to assist in bringing this Davis Cup to Barbados because had it not been for their outstanding performances, we would not have had this level of the game. I want to compliment them, because it augurs well for the development of tennis in Barbados," he stated.

Mr. Lashley added that these sporting initiatives, including Tennis Pun De Rock, were great for sports tourism and the overall development and exposure of young tennis players in Barbados.


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