Minister of Health, Donville Inniss

A call has gone out for Barbadians to embrace the spirit of volunteerism. It has come from Minister of Health, Donville Inniss, who says volunteers are becoming a ‘rarity’ in today’s society.

Speaking over the weekend at the Ministry of Health’s National AIDS Hotline Volunteers Annual Awards Ceremony, Mr. Inniss expressed concern over the small numbers of persons involved in volunteerism.

“It troubles me deeply to see the number of Barbadians who are not prepared to do anything for anyone unless some form of payment is involved. This is not the kind of behavior that is conducive to the positive development of our nation,” he stressed.

Highlighting the importance of the contributions of volunteers to national and international development, Minister Inniss questioned the lack of participation from the various sectors of society.

“Where are our youth groups, our church groups and the various community-based organisations? Where are the energies of our young people channeled today?” he queried.

The Minister, however, offered advice aimed at renewing the spirit of volunteerism.
“If each person in this society could give just one hour per month to a worthy cause, imagine the positive transformation that would take place in our society,” he opined.

This year’s Awards Ceremony saw the presentation of Certificates of Volunteerism, Appreciation Awards and Committee Awards. Gordon Ashby was the recipient of the Radiance Award, while Cheryl Sandiford received the Diamond Award. The prestigious Platinum Award went to 2008 Hotline Volunteer of the Year, Rhonda Boyce.  

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