Barbados is a destination of very high choice! |

That was the message to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart from some visitors to the island, who got an opportunity to meet and interact with him for nearly two hours last evening at the Hilton Barbados Resort.

Mr. Stuart was appointed last year as the Champion of the National Tourism Host Programme (NTHP), and a number of activities involving him are expected to be rolled out in the coming months to give this island???s tourism product a further boost.

The Prime Minister said that during his interaction with the tourists, they attested to the fact that Barbadians were some of the most courteous and hospitable people in the world.

???I tried to emphasise that we as a Government, we as a people, have to make sure that Barbados is agreeable for our people first. Since we are going to be relying on a set or core values as part of the National Tourism Host Programme, values like empathy, courtesy, creativity, responsibility and passion, unless our people are comfortable, they cannot manifest these attributes. People will not be able to experience these attributes amongst our people if we don???t make Barbados an agreeable place for Barbadians first,??? he explained.

Manager of the NTHP, Marsha Alleyne, said the tourists were eager to meet the Prime Minister and talk tourism with him. She added that guests from other hotels would also get an opportunity to interact with the NTHP Champion.

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