Barbados and Guyana share the distinction of having gained independence in the same year, and it is only fitting that the two countries participate in some way in each other???s independence activities.

That was the general consensus when Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator Maxine McClean, met with Guyana???s newly-appointed Consul General, Cita Pilgrim.

The officials indicated that one such activity could focus on school children in each country, the general idea being that children in Guyana could research and write an essay on Barbados, while those in Barbados do the same with Guyana. According to Minister McClean, this would be educational for students in both countries.

Speaking to the excellent relations Barbados and Guyana maintained over the years, Senator McClean pointed out that as two newly-independent countries, they had shared a High Commissioner in the United Kingdom.

She added that the closeness remained today, and was evidenced in the signing of three Barbados Guyana Joint Commission documents which saw cooperation in a number of areas, including education, agriculture and tourism.

Ms. Pilgrim agreed that the Joint Commissions were a step in the right direction, and noted that they were instrumental in deepening relations between the two countries. She added that as the new Consul General, part of her focus would be to change how Guyanese are perceived by some Barbadians.

There was also some discussion on relations with the African Caribbean and Pacific Group of States and how to facilitate youth entrepreneurship in both countries.

During the meeting, Senator McClean presented Ms. Pilgrim with an Exequatur, a legal document allowing her to be officially recognised as Consul General and to carry out the duties required for that post.

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