Barbados and the Republic of Korea would be a step closer to building stronger bilateral relations, with this country???s Ambassador to Beijing, China, Dr. Chelston Brathwaite, being accredited to have Korea in his portfolio.

This was suggested by Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Wonkun Hwang during a farewell call at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Acting Permanent Secretary, Simone Rudder, this morning.

He stated that his Government ???would have no objections to this accreditation??? because a similar diplomatic relationship was recently agreed upon with the Government of Trinidad and their Beijing-based Ambassador.

In response, the Permanent Secretary stated that the Government of Barbados was considering the matter.?????We are still finalising our arrangements for non-resident accreditation, so once that has been agreed to I???m sure that we would be able to make progress in that area,??? she explained.

Building a stronger tourism linkage between the two countries was also discussed, with the Ambassador stating that he would love to see an increase of Asian tourists in Barbados.

???This morning I saw many tourists around my hotel, but unfortunately none of them were Korean. These days many Asians are travelling around the world so we would like to invite your Ambassador in Beijing to come to Korea to promote Barbados more,??? he noted.

While agreeing, the Permanent Secretary noted that Barbados??? tourism officials were keen on attracting more tourists from that region, and that her Ministry would continue to work to market Barbados as an attractive travel destination.

She noted:?????The Barbados Tourism Marketing Authority was recently created earlier this year. With this new entity they are reviewing our objectives and our promotional activities within this market. Ambassador Brathwaite is very active and dynamic and we assure that we will be able to advance work in this area.???

Other topics which were discussed included double taxation agreements, exchanges and the appointment of an honorary consulate for the Republic of Korea to be based in Barbados.

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