The Barbados Children’s Trust will spend in excess of $3 million over the next 18 months on child care facilities in the island.

??This disclosure has come from board member of the Trust, Yvonne Brewer, who said the organisation would be renovating three cottages at the Nightengale Complex, Black Rock.

She made the comments today at the reopening of the Ellerton Day Nursery which was rebuilt by the Barbados Children’s Trust.

Mrs. Brewer told her audience: "One [cottage at Nightengale] has been completed, we will start the second one this coming Monday and we will progress to the third. Hopefully, within the next six months we will have three beautiful cottages for the children."

She further disclosed that the special needs children currently living at Haynesville, will move to a new purpose-built state-of-the-art building at the Nightengale Complex. "That will be a village for children [and] we will put in a play ground and it will be a pleasant place for them to be raised in," she stressed.

Mrs. Brewer noted that the organisation’s focus would be on children within residential care in Barbados. "Barbados loves its children. Wherever we look, we see people who adore children. The Child Care Board is committed to raising those children who don’t have a family support system around them, and they are committed to raising them to become useful, stable, well rounded members of society … We really want to help them to achieve that," she explained.

She called on the business community and those who assisted the Barbados Children’s Trust in the past to continue.??

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