Barbados could be used as a learning centre to assist other countries in getting their green economies up and going.

Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe, made this suggestion as he issued the call for Barbados to be recognised as the hub for assisting other small island developing states in the preparation of their green economy scoping studies.

The comments were made during a recent courtesy call from Executive Co-ordinator and Director of the United Nations Development Programme, Adriana Dinu, at the Ministry???s Warrens Tower II, Warrens, St. Michael office.

Dr. Lowe added that the island was already recognised as one of the small island developing states on the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) Academy platform where it could give assistance to other countries with preparing their green economy scoping studies.?????A number of small island developing states including the Pacific Islands are working to get themselves going,??? he said.

The Minister added that establishing a hub in Barbados would avoid duplication of efforts and costs. And, he pointed out that Barbados was one of seven countries to complete the green economy scoping study, thereby placing the country in a key position to assist other small island developing states in achieving theirs.

???I am advocating that Barbados can work to assist to identify its best practices, share knowledge and give assistance???,??? Dr. Lowe said, noting that St. Lucia had already requested assistance in preparing its green economy scoping study.

Ms. Dinu noted that SIDS was a priority for the UNDP and its new strategic plan. She further noted that the UNDP was at 50 per cent implementation of its adaptation funding, and stated that while it was supposed to be ???easy???, requirements were making it difficult to access.

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