The Barbados Ex-Police Association of Toronto has made mobility at the Vauxhall Senior Citizens??? Village easier with its contribution of a wheelchair today.

During the presentation, Secretary of the Association, Marson Brathwaite, explained: ???The donation was done through contact with our Treasurer, who knows James Cummins, the Officer in Charge here at the Village.???

He continued: ???We were told that the National Assistance Board (NAB) needed a wheelchair and we were in possession of one at the time and decided to donate it to the Village.???

Assistant Director at the NAB, Andrew Browne, stated that the donation was very important in assisting the seniors who were experiencing loss of mobility as a result of ageing or the onset of chronic diseases, and were in need of assistive devices.

He expressed his appreciation for the donation, and hoped that it signalled ???the beginning of a long lasting relationship??? with the Ex-Police Association of Toronto.

The Ex-Police Association is very active in Toronto, where it not only supports the Sickle Cell Association of Canada but also offers a scholarship. The group has also donated hurricane supplies to Jamaica and Grenada, and aided in the restoration of several Anglican churches in Barbados.

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