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Barbados can now boast of having an approved national action plan on human trafficking that would assist lawmakers and those involved in the fight to wrestle this problem to the ground.  

The Barbados National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking, 2021-2023, was recently approved by the Cabinet.  And, Attorney General Dale Marshall expressed delight that the island had reached the milestone of having its first action plan to tackle this multifaceted problem that had been a source of concern for policy makers for many years.

He pointed out that a budget of $125,000 had been allocated for the upcoming financial year and explained what the plan entailed. 

“One important element of the two-year plan is a study to determine the nature and extent of trafficking in the island. The study’s recommendations will guide the development of targeted interventions aimed at deterring and addressing in a systematic way any existing issues related to human trafficking,” he stated.

Mr. Marshall thanked the United States Government for its support in funding two successful training programmes during this month for Immigration and Customs Officers, the Judiciary, police prosecutors, and staff of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

He added that the programmes delivered by the American Bar Association used trainers with experience in identifying victims of trafficking and prosecuting traffickers to deliver the course content.

“This is a solid start to ensuring that all agencies involved in the fight against human trafficking receive the requisite training,” Mr. Marshall said, adding that training and capacity building is a critical component of the plan.

The Attorney General pointed out that all Barbadians have a role to play in the success of the plan, which was developed under the four Ps: Prevention, Protection, Prosecution and Partnership.


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