Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Richard Sealy, is pleased with the response so far, to the Barbados Island Inclusive Programme, designed to stimulate the island???s tourism industry.

Speaking to the media during an after Cabinet press conference to unveil a 10-point plan for the industry at Government Headquarters last week, Mr. Sealy revealed that more than 5, 000 tourists had taken advantage of the vouchers being offered under the programme.

He said BDS $11 million had been allocated to the programme, which was expected to bring an additional 15, 000 tourists to our shores, with a total spend of BDS $30 million.

The package was rolled out in Barbados??? major source markets ??? the United Kingdom (UK), Canada, European countries, Brazil and the Caribbean ??? from April 29.

Visitors from the UK and Europe will be entitled to $600 per person, for a seven-night stay or $400 per person on a five-night stay. Tourists travelling from Canada and the United States will receive $400 per person, for a booking of seven nights and $300 for a stay of five nights.

Brazilian visitors will receive $400 per person for a stay of seven nights; while tourists from the Caribbean will be entitled to $300 per person for a five-night stay, and $200 for a booking of two nights.

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