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Matters of trade and cooperation were discussed recently when Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Trade, Sandra Husbands, met with Italy’s Special Envoy for the Caribbean, Caterina Bertolini.

During the meeting, which took place at the ministry on Culloden Road, St. Michael, Minister Husbands said that Barbados was keen on deepening relations and cooperation with Italy.

She noted that the island was seeking to broaden exports, especially in the area of services, but lamented that even though Barbados and the region have a good relationship with the European Union, there are some barriers to services under the European Partnership Agreement.

“CARICOM makes up less than one per cent in the world.  We need these opportunities,” Minister Husbands said.

Ms. Bertolini acknowledged the minister’s concern, and recommended further discussions at an upcoming meeting between Italy and Latin American and Caribbean nations in October this year.

She said Italy was seeking to strengthen relations with Barbados and CARICOM. 

She pointed out that a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between Italy and the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) focused on climate change, cultural heritage, disaster risk management, preservation of the environment, renewable energy, scientific and technological research, sustainable tourism and agribusiness and university cooperation.

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