The National Task Force for the Prevention in Human Trafficking has made significant achievements in the areas of prevention, protection and prosecution.

This assurance is coming from Chairman of the National Task Force for the Prevention in Human Trafficking, Adriel Brathwaite, as he expressed concern that work of Government in the area was being misrepresented in the media.

His comments were in response to a story in the September 18 edition of the Barbados Advocate entitled: Curb Human Trade.

Mr. Brathwaite, also Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs, stated that three persons were charged with the Crime of Human Trafficking and taken before the courts, while five victims of the crime were given necessary support and repatriated to their country.

He added that a community outreach programme entitled: NOT AGAIN: Trafficking in Persons ??? Modern Day Slavery, was also conducted with panel discussions and town hall meetings being held across the island.

In addition, he stated that the Barbados Government Information Service also ran a public information campaign with a series of interviews with critical stakeholders.

???While it is accepted that not all persons in the community have heard the messages, or read papers on the work of the National Task Force for the Prevention of Human Trafficking, it is expected that before seeking to represent our country at international meetings and conferences, that individuals first seek to gather accurate information that ensures the good name and reputation of our country,??? the Chairman stated.

In a 10-page statement, Mr. Brathwaite also noted that officers from the Royal Barbados Police Force, the Immigration Department and several key agencies within Government were exposed to extensive training on the anti-trafficking laws of Barbados; the identification of victims for human trafficking, and the rights and services to the victims for their protection, care and support.

???Within another few weeks the Immigration Department will be co-facilitating a training workshop, as the department continues to build its capacity and capability. Similar exercises are expected from the Royal Barbados Police Force, after also undergoing the Trainer of the Trainers workshop facilitated by the International Organisation of Migration,??? Mr. Brathwaite said.

The Minister made it clear that it was as a result of intervention measures undertaken by Barbados that the country was able to maintain the ???Tier 2 Watch List??? rating for the third consecutive year, and avoided being downgraded.

He also gave the assurance that Barbados would continue to address the issues and implement activities identified in the Work Plan as it endeavoured to move to a ???Tier 1 Watch List???.??

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