Karlton Holligan???s essay based on a conversation with his father on cruise tourism and its benefit to the island has earned a cash prize of US $1,000 for himself and his school at the regional leg of the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association Children???s Essay Competition.

The St. Luke???s???Brighton Primary School placed first at both the local and regional levels.

With reference to the former, Karlton was runner up to Gabrielle Pratt of Jamaica the winner in this division and Caniqua Elliott, of St. Kitts, who placed second.

At the local level, in the juniors, Cherish Samuel, of Springer Memorial placed second while Ch??mar Burnham, of Queen???s College, placed third.

In the senior division, James Inniss, of Chirst Church Foundation, placed first and he was followed by Cannigia Arthur of Harrison College, while Candice Harold of the Lodge School, placed third.

In the Senior Division at the regional level, Leigha Burke of the British Virgin Islands was first, Chrislon Fraser of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, second and Marie-Ange Nedge-Emmanuel of Dominica was third.

Local Competition Coordinator and Tourism Development Officer, Marsha Armstrong, congratulated Karlton Holligan on his achievements and described his essay as ???a touching story in which he related a conversation between himself and his father on cruise tourism and its benefits to the island???.

She further stated: ???It is through these meaningful conversations with parents and family members that children are engaged in discussing issues that are of prime importance to their island. It is an opportunity for parents to hear their children???s views and understanding and possible solutions for the way forward. The Ministry of Tourism is very proud that Barbados is among the top countries in the 2014 competition.???

Ms. Armstrong also thanked all schools for participating in the Ministry???s schools tourism awareness competitions. The prize giving ceremony for all the students who participated in the 2014 FCCA Poster and Essay Competitions will be held next month.


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