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The Barbados Postal Service (BPS) now has its first two Post Express Courier all-electric delivery vans.

This is in support of the Universal Postal Union’s Sustainable Development Project, Abidjan Congress Resolution and the Government’s commitment to Barbados becoming a 100 per cent green and carbon neutral island by the year 2030.

They will be revealed on Tuesday, April 12, in the car park of the General Post Office, at 10:30 a.m.

These vehicles, which will all bear the updated Local Express Courier Service badging, represent the BPS’ initial step in transitioning its fleet from a dependence on fossil fuel to all-electric, zero-emission vehicles and reduce the overall carbon footprint of postal operations.

It also represents a small but essential element of the BPS’ efforts to reorganise for efficiency and for the business-model transformation of the postal service into the new Parcel Delivery Economy of technology and e-commerce.


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