Ambassador to Brazil, Yvette Goddard (third from left) with Chef Creig Greenidge (second from left), Mixologist Jamaal Bowen (fourth from left) and Embassy staff at the Gastronomic Festival.

The Embassy of Barbados in Brazil coordinated a series of events aimed at showcasing Barbados to residents of the federal capital, Brasilia, as well as to a wider national and international audience from October 31 to November 11.??

As part of the activities, the ceramics of Earthworks and the fabric bags of Navazo?? were featured at the 5th International Craft Fair which took place at the Expobrasilia Exhibition Salon, from October 31 to November 4. Pamela Laurie represented Earthworks and Marva Forde represented Navazo??.

The annual event is designed to create business opportunities and promote cultural exchange. There were also displays from all of the states of Brazil as well as other countries such as Ecuador, Indonesia, Turkey and India.

Chef Creig Greenidge

In addition, the first ever Barbados Gastronomic Festival was staged from?? November?? 7 ??to 11, at Restaurant Le Mir??, where Chef Creig Greenidge, and Mixologist Jamaal Bowen, presented an array of authentic Barbadian cuisine and drinks.

At the end of the festival, two persons were presented with return tickets to Barbados on Gol airlines.

On Saturday, November 10, the Embassy participated for the 3rd year in the Diplomatic Spouses Bazaar at the Army Club. It featured Barbadian craft and food items on display and for sale.


The Barbados table at the Bazaar

The Bazaar, which raises funds for various charities, attracted a wide cross-section of residents of Brasilia as well as the diplomatic community.

The Embassy was supported in its efforts by the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation, the Barbados Tourism Authority, the National Cultural Foundation, the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.?? At all events tourism literature was displayed and distributed to guests and visitors.


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