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Staff of the Barbados Statistical Service (BSS) will work remotely from home for the remainder of the COVID-19 curfew, which is expected to end at midnight on Tuesday, April 14. 

The decision to allow employees to work from home was taken to safeguard the welfare of workers, and this arrangement may continue if the curfew is extended.     

During this time, members of the public may contact senior staff members by email.

Director, BSS Aubrey V. Browne abrowne@barstats.gov.bb or director@barstats.gov.bb
Deputy Director, BSS Carla Parris (Ms) cparris2@barstats.gov.bb or director@barstats.gov.bb
Senior Statistician/ Census Coordinator Janelle Scantlebury-Mounsey (Mrs) jscantlebury-mounsey@barstats.gov.bb
IT Officer Grattan Welch dtrotman@barstats.gov.bb
IT Officer Dondre Trotman gwelch@barstats.gov.bb
Senior Statistician Katrina Reid (Ms) kreid@barstats.gov.bb
Senior Statistician Todne Woods (Ms) twoods@barstats.gov.bb
Senior Statistician Tameshia White (Ms) twhite@barstats.gov.bb

Members of the public are encouraged to observe the COVID-19 protocols, which include practising good hygiene; staying indoors and restricting movement to access essential services only. 


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