Government is having discussions with investors in the waste-to-energy area and Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is hopeful that these talks will translate into projects for Barbados.

Mr. Stuart made this disclosure recently when Austria???s Ambassador to Barbados, Egrhard Mayer, paid him a courtesy call at Parliament.

The Prime Minister said there were dividends to be gained from exploiting waste-to-energy and Mr. Mayer agreed, saying that his country was conducting preliminary studies on waste-to-energy projects.

Mr. Stuart further disclosed that within a few weeks he would be piloting a new Electric Light and Power Bill in Parliament. He pointed out that Barbados, like Austria, was concerned about clean energy and suggested that both countries could share the experiences they had garnered.

During the wide-ranging discussions, the Prime Minister said he would like to see more Austrian tourists coming to Barbados and Ambassador Mayer expressed the view that with additional promotion, those numbers could improve, since the country was very beautiful.

Barbados and Austria have enjoyed diplomatic relations from 1967.

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