Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy

Plans are afoot to make yachting a major element in Barbados’ tourism product.

Word of this has come from Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy as he delivered opening remarks at the launch of the 2009 Mount Gay, Boat Yard Regatta at the Yacht Club last night.

According to Mr. Sealy, "government is serious about the move and will use yachting as a new element to market Barbados".

Pointing to the need for the improvement of facilities for the local yachting community, the Tourism Minister stressed that government is "working actively" to find a solution to this problem which he said was leading to a decrease in tourist numbers.

"People who yacht have been bypassing Barbados and going to other countries with better yachting facilities," he noted. Mr. Sealy, however, stressed that government was hoping to effect change in this area within a year’s time.

Commending the gathering of local and regional yachtsmen for their participation in the annual event, Minister Sealy pledged government’s support for next year’s Regatta, which would mark its 25th year.

"We are looking forward to that Silver Jubilee…We hope to do something really special for that occasion," he revealed.

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