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Food security, climate change and the medicinal value of plants will be among the topics discussed at the first Biennial Botanical Symposium and Exhibition, being hosted by the Biocultural Education and Research Programme.

It is being held in association with the PEG Farm and Nature Reserve, the Centre for Food Security and Entrepreneurship and the Garden Lifestyle Centre.

The events, being held under the theme Plants and Planting for the Future, will run from Friday, April 12, to Saturday, April 13, at PEG Farm and Nature Reserve at Easy Hall, St Joseph.

The Biocultural Education and Research Programme, a non-governmental organization, is grantee of the United Nations Development Programme’s Global Environmental Facility’s Small Grant Programme.  It seeks to conserve plant biodiversity and associated heritage knowledge in Barbados, and conduct research to add value to the indigenous plant stock.

The Biocultural Education and Research Programme also supports education and research as tools to effect change in attitudes within communities, and to enhance stakeholder respect for plant biodiversity and traditional knowledge.


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