Attorney General, Adriel Brathwaite

When the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) meets in Barbados from April 16 to 19, it will be the first time the Court will be sitting away from its Trinidad base.??

Coverage of the proceedings will be available through live streaming on the CCJ and Supreme Court websites at http://www.caribbeancourtofjustice.org/ and http://www.lawcourts.gov.bb/, respectively.

Barbados Chief Justice, Marston Gibson, will deliver remarks, while Attorney General, Adriel Brathwaite, will give the feature address during the Opening Ceremony of the hosting of the Caribbean Court of Justice on Monday, April 16 at 4:00 p.m. at the Supreme Court Complex, White Park Road, St. Michael.??

The CCJ is the Caribbean regional judicial tribunal which was established on February 14, 2001.?? It derives its legal mandate under the revised Treaty of Chaguaramas.

The agreement establishing the CCJ was signed by the CARICOM states of Antigua and Barbuda; Barbados; Belize; Grenada; Guyana; Jamaica; St. Kitts & Nevis; St. Lucia; Suriname; and Trinidad and Tobago.?? An additional two states, Dominica and St. Vincent and The Grenadines, signed the agreement on February 15, 2003, thus bringing the total number of signatories to 12.

To date, only three countries – Barbados, Guyana and Belize, have acceded to the CCJ’s appellate jurisdiction.


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