One of the animals on display at the 2012 edition of Agrofest. (FP)??

While there have been some suggestions that Agrofest has outgrown its venue, Queen’s Park, organisers of the exhibition, the Barbados Agricultural Society (BAS) are quite content with that location for the time being.

This year’s showcase was expanded to include the Weymouth ???B’ pasture, which gave BAS officials more exhibition space to work with.

Coordinator, Thedore Fraser, explained that each year more persons were interested in having their goods and/or services on display at Agrofest and the expansion to Weymouth ???B’ was one option used to accommodate the increasing numbers.

"We still have issues in terms of the number of exhibits that we can use on the pasture. Weymouth ???B’ has given us a little leg room but we still had a number of persons who would have liked to get in," he pointed out.

Mr. Fraser was speaking as the BAS was putting the final touches on its annual review of the eight-year-old national exhibition at its headquarters, ???The Grotto’, Beckles Road, St. Michael, recently.

He added that while the BAS had sought to accommodate more exhibitors at the three-day event, they would never sacrifice the quality or integrity of the event for the sake of quantity.

"We don’t only necessarily want just quantity. We have to look at the quality of the exhibits that we are bringing to the show. We are pretty comfortable with Queen’s Park, particularly the nostalgic value such a venue brings to Agrofest and the fact that it is easily accessible to just about every Barbadian. For right now, we are pretty comfortable utilising Queen’s Park and the expanded area over at Weymouth ???B’," Mr. Fraser concluded.


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