His Royal Highness??Prince Seeiso of Lesotho and His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales participate in a Question and Answer??session with students during a tour of the Barbados Museum.

Some 20 students from the Bay Primary school got an opportunity today to get up close and personal with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho and Prince Harry of Britain.

The event took place during a tour of the African Gallery located at the Barbados Museum.

The questions ranged from how the Princes met, to their mission for the Sentebale charity.

Prince Harry explained that they had met during his first visit to Lesotho, while Prince Seeiso noted that the collaboration for the charity started during that visit.

"I decided that I [was] going to show him anything and everything in the country about the issues that I was working on in regard to orphans and disabled children. From that initial experience that he had in Lesotho, we began to formulate a meeting of minds as to how we could put our collective energies into a charity that would translate our dreams into a reality; the reality being how to get money and making that money work for the children of Lesotho.

"Sentebale was the most appropriate starting point. This first step was very important to us because we saw a definite need for us to work on programmes, [and] projects which are geared towards alleviating some of the problems that are faced by children in Lesotho, especially the vulnerable and the disadvantaged," Prince Seeiso told the children.

With respect to the mission of Sentebale, Prince Harry said it was to make the lives of persons who received funding "very different" by giving them "a chance they wouldn’t otherwise have".??????????????????????

During the tour of the African Gallery, which was facilitated by Curator Kevin Farmer, the Princes were introduced to the geography, history and heritage of Africa and its legacy in the creation of Caribbean society.



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