Residents of Bayleys, St. Philip, and surrounding districts have been encouraged to take advantage of their neighbourhood???s rich heritage.

This call has come from Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley, during the opening ceremony of the Bayleys Pavilion last week.

Reminding residents that Bayleys Plantation was where Barbadian National Hero, the Right Excellent Bussa worked, he said: ???It was from Bayleys Plantation that he led the slave rebellion that started on April 14, 1816.

“The Bussa Rebellion, as it is popularly known, was one of other similar demonstrations of resistance by slaves in the British West Indies, which drove the move to Emancipation of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

???Be aware of the critical significance that this had for the development of our country. Be aware of the role it played in paving the way, laying the foundation for the achievements that Barbados has seen over the years,??? he asserted.

The Culture Minister noted that in addition to sports event, the new Bayleys pavilion could host educational, cultural and social activities. He also envisioned the Ministry of Health using the location for the delivery of support services for senior citizens, healthcare and other promotions.

Lauding the National Sports Council and the National Housing Corporation for successfully collaborating to build the pavilion, he urged: ???I want to say to the residents of the communities in this area, and all those who will be taking advantage of this new facility, that they should remember and acknowledge that Bayleys, St. Philip, has a very significant place in Barbados’ history??? I am confident that this pavilion will support the needs of all, and will be a key asset benefiting the community here at Bayleys.???

Author: Shamkoe Pil??

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