The Barbados Community College (BCC) and Queen’s College have topped this year’s Barbados Scholarships, each copping six of the 15 awarded. 

Harrison’s College has secured the other three scholarships.

The BCC also got the lion’s share of the Exhibitions, a total of 18, while Queen’s College received nine and Harrison College, five.  BCC also secured the Award of Excellence.

The scholarship winners are:  BCC –  Emma Chapman, Keó Forde, Machel Forde,  Janelle Nurse, Kolé Reece and  Cherise Ward  ;  Queen’s College  Kimberly Benjamin, Zoe Defreitas; Tamika Graham, Alicia Jordan, Michael Sealy  and Lea Solomon;  Harrison College – Marlon Brathwaithe, William Hanschell and Kerry Kirton.

The exhibition winners are:  BCC – Askia Alleyne, Fabien Best, Shonelle Birch, Shukura Callender, Sade Carrington, Matthew Clarke, Latoya Edwards, Paula Franklyn, Amanda Goddard, William Greaves, Leandra Griffith, Tiffany Grosvenor, Joy-Anne Headley, Shara Howell, Rochelle Lashley, Raphael Saul, Alwyn Springer, Matthew St. Bernard.

Queen’s College – Maldon Goodridge, Tiffany Jenkins, Kysanne Lewis, Andre Lovell, Alanna Marshall, Nesha Marshall, Lamar Moore, Malou Morgan and Nicolette Thompson.

Harrison College – Leah Bignall, Khiam Gooding, Kyle Lynch, Pedro Medford and Micah Gittens.

The BCC student who captured the Award of Excellence is Brook-Elliott –Gill.

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