The Barbados Defence Force’s Field Medical Team (FMT) will conduct a weekend training exercise from June 24 to 26, at the Paragon Base, Christ Church, starting at 8:00 a.m.

The exercise aims to train the BDF Field Medical Team (FMT) in the Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines pertaining to the World Health Organization Field Hospital WHO Type 1 Emergency Medical Team (EMT) set up.

The objectives of the exercise are to identify critical tasks, and evaluate the capability of the relevant units/departments/sections within the BDF to support the FMT’s role with a view to reducing the gaps and improving their capabilities.

During the session, the FMT will be assessed in the following: the capability to set up, operate and mobilise the FMT within a 48-hour period; participants are conversant with Type 1 Standard Operations Procedures (SOPs) and guidelines; familiarity with the SOPs for the FMT Type 1 Emergency Medical Team, and the internal command, control, and communication efficiency of the FMT.

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