Members of the public are advised that the beach area in front of the Discovery Bay Hotel and the Holetown Lagoon in St. James has been closed with immediate effect until Friday, October 25. The area is cordoned off with caution tape, temporary fencing and the relevant signage erected.

Special Projects Officer at the National Conservation Commission, Ricardo Marshall, explained that the beach closure was necessary to ensure public safety during ongoing work on the Holetown Waterfront Improvement Project.

He explained that in the coming months major infrastructural work would take place on the fluidiser located at the Holetown Lagoon. Such work, he said, would include trimming piles to the finish level and the implementation of retaining structures (coffer dams), pumps and significant excavation.

These works will involve the use of cranes and excavators and the continuous movement of heavy trucks, equipment and construction materials. In addition, Mr. Marshall cautioned that a reduction in water quality within the near shore was also expected due to excavation work being done by the lagoon and underwater welding during the period.

???The cumulative processes represent an elevated hazard to persons on the beach in this area. This effect is especially compounded at night when pedestrians may not be able to see potential hazards on the construction site,??? Mr. Marshall said.

As a result, officials of the Coastal Zone Management Unit and the construction team working on the project, have taken the decision to close the beach temporarily to protect members of the public.

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