Industry Minister Donville Inniss is of the view that in order for Barbados to become one of the best domiciles in the world, there must be a better partnership between the public and private sector.

Speaking on Wednesday at the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s luncheon seminar on Business Facilitation at Hilton Barbados, Mr. Inniss lamented the apparent lack of understanding on the part of some in the public sector of how not responding to an application matter in a timely manner affected a person???s business.

Noting that the public sector needed to allow the private sector to achieve its fullest potential, the Minister also pointed out that they (private sector) must be able to maximise their profits. In return, Government would ???get its due???, allowing it to fulfil its objectives.

The Commerce Minister pointed out that in order to fully understand business facilitation, Government also needed to be clear on its policies and programmes.

“If you go to have a matter dealt with in a Government department, there must be a clear understanding as to what must be done and why it must be done. You cannot have a situation where there is a level of ambiguity. So from Government???s perspective, we must be very clear,” he maintained.

Mr. Inniss also called for a greater level of consistency in business facilitation. ???Too often I see it from my end where there are entrepreneurs who are legitimately going about their business, and get one type of response from one officer and another response from another officer. That cannot be fair to anyone,” he stated.

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