Acting Deputy Chief Information Officer, Sharon Lynch, addressing the audience at Love, Poetry and Song at the Barbados Museum.
(J. Hall/BGIS)

The Barbados Government Information Service (BGIS) is committed to supporting the HIV Food Bank.

That is the word from Acting Deputy Chief Information Officer, Sharon Lynch, who disclosed that BGIS donated over $2,000 to the organisation last year.

Ms. Lynch made the comments last Saturday night at Love Poetry and Song, a BGIS initiative, which was held at the Barbados Museum, to observe Love Safely Week.??

She pointed out that all proceeds from the event – funds as well as the non-perishable items – would be donated to assist the HIV Food Bank.

She told the over 500 people present that the BGIS staffers believed it was important to have a sustained effort to educate the public about HIV, its effect on those afflicted with it, as well as everyone who came into contact with the disease.

"We are committed to performing the task of enlightening the public and playing our part in ending stigma and discrimination through all the ways possible," she assured the audience.

Ms. Lynch promised that the organisation would continue to work closely with the National HIV/AIDS Commission on all major projects. "We pledge that BGIS will keep the issue of HIV and AIDS in the public domain as we strive to find new and interesting ways to educate the public," she said.

She praised the work of the BGIS’ HIV/AIDS Committee, the organisers of the event, pointing out that they had worked long and hard to bring together an outstanding group of artistes, while carrying out their regular duties as Information Officers.


Performers during the night included Higher Level, Ladies of Honey Jam, DJ Simmons and Zingha, Adrian Green and NexCyx.


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