Barbadians are being encouraged to ???get onboard??? as Government works to revitalise the economy, and the Barbados Government Information Service (BGIS) has embarked on a public education campaign to assist in this endeavour.

So says Acting Chief Information Officer at the BGIS, Sharon Lynch, who explained that the department would be using the media of press, radio, television and the web to get the message across to Barbadians that by dint of hard work and dedication, the Barbadian economy will rebound.

She said: ???Each one of us can contribute to the growth of this island’s economy. Barbadians have gone through recessions in the past and their resilience came to the fore and they were able to bring the economy back on track, and that is the message we want everyone to get from this campaign.

???This is the time for us to be even more innovative; we can create new businesses and tweak what we have now so they are even more relevant to these times. It cannot be the same attitude to doing business and our campaign reinforces that; we have to be alert to the opportunities and seize them.???

Giving further insight into the Pride and Industry campaign, Ms. Lynch explained that over the next few months, regular updates would be given in critical areas which are aptly referred to as the drivers of the economy, including Tourism, Industry,Commerce, International Trade, Small Business Development, Agriculture and Alternative Energy.

She continued: ???In addition, we will highlight some Barbadians who lost their jobs and opted for self-employment in niche areas; some who realised their employment was ???drying up??? and sought to learn new skills and diversify so they could still support themselves and their families financially; and others who retrained to take advantage of what is now available.???

The BGIS will focus on those ???proud sons and daughters of the soil??? who are contributing to making this country better, whether through starting their own businesses, generating employment, and/or earning valuable foreign exchange.??Ms. Lynch added that the department would also launch a new web and television series entitled Awkward Thumbs, where viewers would get some tips about starting their own backyard garden, as a way to help reduce their grocery bills.

There will be additional television and radio programmes, and a special radio series on Low-Cost Living, press releases and features, radio and television spots, web galleries and downloads which will all centre on the Pride and Industry theme.??A special inspirational jingle entitled ???For Love of Country???, penned by nine-time calypso monarch, Stedson ???Red Plastic Bag??? Wiltshire, will be an integral feature of the campaign.

Author: Cathy Lashley/Sharon Austin/Andre Skeete

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