As it prepares to celebrate its 63rd anniversary in November, the Barbados Government Information Service (BGIS) has launched a redesigned logo.

The department’s new corporate identity was unveiled on Thursday night during a virtual launch on its Facebook page and YouTube channel. It is the first time the logo has been changed since its creation in 1981.

In her remarks, Chief Information Officer, Sharon Lynch, stated that the launch of the new logo symbolised the BGIS’ determination “to remain current, modern and focused” on its mandate of informing and educating the public regarding government and its activities.

She continued: “Our department was established in 1958, with one Information Officer and a typist to assist. …Since that time, BGIS has sought to use every means at its disposal to communicate Government’s messages, and as technology has rapidly advanced over the years, we have remained committed to keeping abreast of the latest communication trends and techniques, determined to disseminate accurate information to our main stakeholders – the general public and the news media, in a timely manner.”

Ms. Lynch thanked the BGIS’ stakeholders for their support, and gave the assurance that the department would seek to remain “a trusted source of credible public information”.

The launch also highlighted the new logo and the significance of its design, which incorporates the word information, with ‘i’ at the centre. It was noted that this balanced two important facets of Government communication; the gathering of national information that benefits citizens; and the clear delivery of information that meets the needs of the individual. 

Members of the public were also invited to sign up to participate as beta-testers for the BGIS’ new Alert App, which is scheduled to be launched virtually next Thursday, November 4, at 8:00 p.m. on its Facebook page and YouTube channel. Persons may register by visiting

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