Chief Information Officer (ag), Government Information Service, Sharon R. Lynch in discussion with Permanent Secretary, Sonja Welch??at the opening ceremony of the BIMAP training session. (C.Pitt/BGIS)??

Employees of the Barbados Government Information Service (BGIS) are currently undergoing training on Improving Professionalism in the Office.

And, Permanent Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, Sonja Welch, described the training as "timely" and in support of what was being done in the area of public sector reform.

She made the comments today during the official opening ceremony at the National Union of Public Workers’ Auditorium, where the course will be held once weekly until June 18.

Ms. Welch told the staff: "Professionalism in the delivery of service excellence is a major requirement for all customer-focused organisations, including the public sector. The continuing quest for professionalism is not without difficulty, but is essential. To satisfy this requirement, businesses are placing heavy emphasis on training in what they call the softer skills associated with Customer Contact/Customer Relations and Corporate Etiquette."

According to her, a commitment to professionalism improves the image and reputation of the Department, reinforces personal quality standards, improves customer satisfaction, helps in solving problems effectively, develops internal cooperation and increases productivity.

Describing the work of the BGIS staffers as "undoubtedly most challenging", Ms. Welch continued: "Merely dealing with the needs and demands of Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, members of the public, visitors to the island, as well as colleagues in the media, not to mention your own workmates and other publics, will challenge the quietest of you at some time in your careers. When you add the qualifications of efficiency and effectiveness to the service which you carry out, the challenges become even greater! Therefore, opportunities such as this where you can discuss and learn how to improve professionalism are to be embraced."

She stressed that the professionalism of the BGIS’ employees must be built on commitment, competence, communication and confidentiality. She expressed the view that the training programme would provide them with an opportunity to enhance their current skills, as well as add value and improve professionalism in the delivery of their service offerings.

The training is being provided by the Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP) and its Director of Training, Stephen Savoury, reminded the participants of his agency’s mission to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of organisations, as well as improve productivity in the workplace.

Mr. Savoury stressed that BIMAP regularly conducted similar training sessions and urged the employees to take full advantage of the opportunity to improve their professionalism. He gave the undertaking that BIMAP stood ready to further assist the BGIS.

Acting Chief Information Officer, Sharon Lynch, underscored the importance of the employees improving themselves at all levels, pointing out that they would then be recognised as committed and dedicated professionals. "My dream is that when someone from here is asked about his place of work, the response of the Barbados Government Information Service will evoke only positive reactions from persons because of the reputation and performance of the staff members. I hope the staff members will remember that the Department’s reputation can only be built on the behaviour of each and every employee at each and every point of contact with our clients," Ms. Lynch stated.??


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