Minister Dr. david Estwick presents Legal Officer , Monica Mason -Crichlow, with the??Employee of the Year Award.

Members of staff of the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC) have been urged to see fishermen and farmers as an integral part of their responsibility, with regard to business development.

The charge came from Minister of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries, Industry and Small Business Development, Dr. David Estwick, today, while addressing that organisation’s Christmas Luncheon and Awards Ceremony at the Crane Beach Hotel.

Minister Estwick told the gathering that given the recent reassignment of Ministerial portfolios, the Ministry now had the task of?? bringing under its ambit, areas pertaining to food, fisheries and small business development.

"…It is critical that the elements of BIDC now see fishermen in Barbados as part of their responsibilities. It is, therefore, important that those persons responsible for Small Business Development, for the special Technical Assistance Programmes and the national Micro-Enterprise Programme, start to engage those persons who operate within the area of the fishing industry…[in an effort] to build that sector towards its optimum production in the development of this country," the Minister said.??

Chairman of the Board of the BIDC, Dr. Don Marshall, presents Business Development Officer , Leslie Austin, with her 20-year service award. Ms. Austin was also one of the three recipients of the Spirit of Cooperation Award.

Dr. Estwick also underscored the need for members of the farming community to be brought into the fold.

"Similarly, we must also move those persons who consider themselves as farmers, who, at times do not appreciate the fact that farming is a business, to help them to organise themselves and to change their mindsets, where they are brought into the ambit of small business, and hopefully, later on, could be moved towards that of medium-sized and large businesses," he emphasised.

Dr. Estwick told the gathering?? even though that may not have been the best setting for that type of discourse, he thought?? it necessary, as the country prepares to move into a new year, that the organisation started to appreciate the responsibilities of bringing those new areas under the aegis of the BIDC, so that the linkages could be well-established.

Commending staff for long and meritorious service, Minister Estwick maintained that recognising employees’ contribution was critical to the development of any organisation.

??"And, it is events such as this that we use as a medium to provide a platform?? from which we can say to you, ???Thank you very much’?? and that we appreciate your contribution to the?? institution and to the development of Barbados as a whole," he concluded.

Against the backdrop of lively entertainment provided by singer Brian Carter, BIDC staff was recognised for long-service. Four members of staff were awarded for 10 years of service; three for 15 years of service; four for 20 years; two for 25 years; three for serving 30 years and one for offering 35 years of?? service to the Harbour Road?? institution.

The cream of the crop of the awards, however, went to Design Advisor, Paul Massiah and Legal Officer, Monica Mason-Critchlow, who shared the Employee of the Year Award.

Three staff members also received the organisation’s Spirit of Cooperation Award, which recognised among other things their great team spirit, positive attitude and punctuality.

Sharing this prestigious honour were Administrative Officer, Ottley Cox-Burrowes; Human Resources Officer, Shelly Burgess and Business Development Officer, Leslie Austin.??cgaskin@barbados.gov.bb

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