The Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC) is on a mission to garner a collective buy-in to the concept of alternative energy to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.

Board Chairman, Dr. Don Marshall, intimated the corporation’s plans to educate persons in this regard, while speaking to reporters during a press conference at the entity’s Pelican House, St. Michael, headquarters recently.

He reiterated the link between science, technology, innovation and renewable energy and outlined the corporation’s plan to effect this.??

"In this regard, the BIDC is looking to reach across the different government agencies that treat to issues relating to energy, renewable energy, science and technology. ??So, as the entrepreneurial body, we could bring some kind of coordination of effort, that in the next year or two, we have everyone in Barbados involved in a collective effort to ensure that whatever they are producing follows that kind of ethic," the Chairman said.

Dr. Marshall also called for collaborative and intellectual reasoning to work with companies such as the Barbados Light and Power Co. Ltd. and other entities to assist householders and entrepreneurs to sell the energy which they produced back to the grid.

He further explained: "This is another aspect of the BIDC’s ongoing work which it cannot do on its own … it must be done with the Ministry of Energy, with the Ministry of?? Economic Affairs being the coordinating Ministry. The BIDC is assisting the Ministry in trying to reach stakeholders involved in alternative energy to bring some coherence to this plan."

Meanwhile, BIDC’s Chief Executive Officer, Basil Lavine, disclosed that the effort was in keeping with the corporation’s strategic direction going forward.?? "What is very important as the BIDC reinvents itself is to assist in transforming the industrial sector to a knowledge-based sector.?? As we do this we are conscious of the environment because our mission speaks about promoting sustainable development," he outlined.??

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