Over the next few days, the National Art Gallery Committee will be presenting another event in its Black Diaspora Visual Arts series.

The symposium/documentary film presentation on Black Jacobins: Negritude in a Post Global 21st Century is themed around C.L.R. James’ book The Black Jacobins, and Aim?? Cesaire’s writings on Negritude.

The presentation will be launched in Barbados tonight and will continue until Saturday, February 26. It will then move on to Martinique, where it will run from Sunday, February 27 to Tuesday, March 1.

Trinidadian writer and intellectual, C.L.R. James, and Martinique poet and intellectual, Aim?? Cesaire, are two major 20th century figures. The Black Diaspora Visual Art series examines their ideas within a visual art performing 21st century Caribbean diaspora context. Both writers used their art, in the form of literature, as a political weapon.

Black Jacobins: Negritude in a Post Global 21st Century refers to the historical movement of diaspora artists from the past to the present, rising above the singular notion of ???Caribbean art’ to produce works that have a unique signature in style and content.

The visual arts series is also being supported by the National Cultural Foundation, the Barbados Museum & Historical Society, the International Curators Forum, the Direction Regionale des Affaires Culturelles Martinique, Counseil General de la Martinique and Region Martinique.

For additional information, members of the public may visit the National Art Gallery Committee’s website http://www.nagc.bb/.??


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