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Barbados has joined with other countries in showing its commitment to championing and advocating for the cause of freedom and respect for human rights, inclusive of the eradication of all forms of anti-Black racism, by passing A Black Lives Matter Resolution. 

It was moved by Member of Parliament for Christ Church South, Ralph Thorne, on June 23.

Barbados extended sincere and profound condolences to the immediate family of the late George Floyd, to his extended African-American family, and to all American citizens, irrespective of race, who were deeply hurt by the tragedy. 

This country also expressed support for the principle that Black Lives Matter, and endorsed the notion that it would not be possible to unequivocally assert that “all lives matter”, unless and until all black lives are in theory and in practice treated with the respect and regard that is their due.  

Barbados also confirmed that it would be more than willing to contribute human and other resources and to participate in any regional, hemispheric or international initiative that is aimed at providing assistance to nations that are currently struggling with their national efforts to eradicate racism in general, and anti-Black racism in particular.

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