Tourism Development Officer, Marsha Armstrong, answers the students’ questions about tourism. (N. Hutchinson/BGIS)??

More than 60 Class 3 students were given an opportunity to learn more about tourism, when Tourism Development Officer (TDO), Marsha Armstrong, paid a visit to the Blackman and Gollop Primary School in St. George yesterday.

Ms. Armstrong was there to deliver a presentation on the tourism industry and determine how much the students knew about the sector, which is one of the modules included in the Social Studies syllabus.

One of the Class 3 teachers, Ms. Julie-Ann Bourne, explained that this module focused on "…the definition of a tourist; reasons why tourists come here; countries of origin of tourists; different types of accommodation; the influence of tourism and culture; problems associated with tourism; [and] the benefits of tourism to the country".

Ms. Armstrong presented scenarios which helped students to differentiate between domestic, regional and international tourists; and highlighted the countries from which they originated, namely the United Kingdom, United States of America and CARICOM Member States.?? She also told the children about the contribution the industry makes to the economy in providing foreign exchange for the purchasing of?? goods; and its role in providing employment, with some 14 000 people directly and 12 000 persons indirectly connected to the sector.

In addition, Ms. Armstrong explained that thousands of visitors arrived on cruise ships, with the Barbados Port Inc. hosting multiple ships per day.

The presentation was part of the preparation for the upcoming criterion Social Studies test, which will be taken by students islandwide.??


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