A leading lighting retailer has partnered with the Barbados National Standards Institution (BNSI) to become the first point-of-sale store to implement the Barbados Energy Label Programme.

Exclusive Lighting, recently ???came on board??? as part of the Energy labelling of appliances and household products, a Barbados National Standard which was published by the BNSI. Under that system, point-of-sale retailers of major electrical appliances and household products are required to display an energy label.

The company???s staff was trained on the implementation of the Label by the BNSI???s Chief Technical Officer, Fabian Scott, (Specifications) and according to Sales Manager in the lighting division, Dwayne Walton, ???the training proved beneficial???.

???The implementation of the Barbados Energy Label will give our company a significant advantage over its competitors as customers are now able to see, very clearly and easily, how much the large range of light bulbs on sale will cost them to operate over a period of time,??? he explained.

Stating that the BNSI was pleased with the smooth manner in which the initial ???roll-out??? of the training was executed, the Chief Technical Officer (Specifications) said he was encouraged by the reception the Barbados Energy Label had received and the enthusiasm displayed by the retailer. He added that he believed they [the retailers] recognised that the programme offers them the opportunity to ???take advantage of a sales bump??? while its implementation is ongoing.

The Barbados Energy Label Standard calls for the affixing or display of the Barbados Energy Label (BEL) on, or directly in proximity to the product, in showrooms or, where a retailer offers an applicable product for sale to consumers. Thus, when the consumer makes a purchase, the BEL will be given as part of the package of the documentation.

The BEL seeks to inform consumers of the estimated energy consumption and cost of operation of an electrical appliance. It is done to enable [customers] to make an informed purchasing decision by comparing similar products within a particular category.


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