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The Barbados National Standards Institution (BNSI) has launched a new initiative to assist businesses entitled Get Certified – Get Recognized – Get Global Business.

And, businesses participating in this initiative will become certified to international standards and therefore obtain international recognition.

Minister of Energy and Business Development, Kerrie Symmonds, made this disclosure in a message to observe World Metrology Day on May 20, under the theme: Metrology in the Digital Era.

Mr. Symmonds continued: “A large component of the initiative involves training through digital platforms and the use of digital technology to assess the implementation of a sound quality management system. Naturally, the recognition offered through being certified opens doors to new business, giving certified businesses a competitive advantage over their competitors, and better positions them for greater success.

“In this vein, I encourage all Barbadian businesses to engage with the BNSI and use this opportunity to build strong digital systems of quality into their operations, where they are eligible to become certified. This paves the way for Barbadian businesses to not only survive, but to assert themselves as a serious competitor in an aggressive and dynamic global market place.”

In expanding on the initiative, Chairman of the BNSI, Ryan Brathwaite, said it was scheduled to commence in June.  He added that members would be trained to implement relevant standards into their business practices, which would make them more competitive and give them global recognition when building their brands of excellence.


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