Creating a more effective and efficient Barbados National Standards Institution (BNSI) has been the raison d’??tre behind the Modernisation of the Barbados National Standards System Project; and soon, the organisation will be taking another step forward by focusing on staff training.??

This training element falls under one of the components of the Project, which looks at the strengthening of the System by implementing a new National Quality Infrastructure Model, to modernise BNSI, how it functions and fortify the administration’s abilities to carry out its functions, including testing, accreditation and quality assurance.

To this end, the BNSI has extended an invitation to consultants who would be able to assist them in identifying and documenting human resource capacity deficits within the organisation and develop strategies to bridge the gap, via training and human resource development, with the end result being a five-year training programme to improve BNSI’s efficiency.

The chosen consultant must possess at least a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent in a related field; five years experience in developing training solutions; knowledge and experience in standards and qualities and relevant methodologies; and good written communication skills.

Persons interested in this month-long consultancy may contact Fabian Griffin at the Project Coordination Unit at 436-9755 before Friday, April 29.

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