Chairman of the Board of Directors BNSI, Ryan R. Brathwaite. (FP)

The Barbados National Standards Institution (BNSI) will be taking on summer attachments for apprenticeship training, in an effort to assist with the building of capacity in this country.

Chairman of the BNSI, Ryan Brathwaite, made this disclosure in a message to commemorate World Metrology Day on May 20, under the theme: Metrology in the Digital Era.

Mr. Brathwaite said: “The BNSI is in full support of the National Training Initiative and its mission ‘to equip every Barbadian in the informal, third and private sectors with the knowledge, skills and values to be citizens of good character and competence in a digital world’.

“To this end, we will also be taking on board summer attachments for apprenticeship training, in order to build capacity nationally, for competent personnel to work in a metrology laboratory environment and perhaps eventually enter into a career in the wonderful world of Standardization and Conformity Assessment, as we build the country’s National Quality Infrastructure to a point where we are not only a competitive nation, but indeed a country which produces excellent quality in all that we do.”

The Chairman underscored the importance of the theme of this year’s World Metrology Day, saying the Institution and country have increased their use of digital technology as a major tool to improve efficiencies and innovations.

He continued: “The impact of the pandemic on BNSI has propelled us to incorporate digital platforms, in order to maintain its operations.”

Mr. Brathwaite noted that the BNSI had published 46 key standards, supporting the country’s national priorities in the areas of renewable energy, food, agriculture, tourism, health & safety and agriculture.

He pointed out that in support of the anticipated increases in construction activity and capital works projects in Barbados, the BNSI procured specialised equipment last year for its Metrology Laboratory services, to perform digital compression testing of material used in the construction sector. 

He explained that the material included concrete cubes, blocks and columns, and the testing would ensure compliance to international building standards and requirements.

“Capabilities were also developed for the BNSI Laboratory to perform digital calibrations of compression units used in the sector, where international traceability is offered to ensure all pressure compression testing machines used in the country are accurate and produce reliable results, safeguarding the strength, safety and resilience of all structures built in Barbados,” he shared.

In his message, Director of BNSI Hadyn Rhynd, said with the focus on Metrology in the Digital Era, he was confident that their sustained efforts to build out a well-developed National Quality Infrastructure, consistent with internationally accepted and required practices, “can and will improve trade and access to markets” for Barbadian enterprises.

“By incorporating modern digital technology through this approach, we will realise increases in competitiveness by producing goods and services that meet the quality specifications of global markets,” Mr. Rhynd proffered.

Annually on May 20, countries across the world observe the anniversary of the signing of the Metre Convention of 1875.

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