Prime Minister David Thompson (second from left) and author Donna Avery, chatting with guests at the??book launch.????

Author Donna Every has been complimented by Prime Minister David Thompson for penning a book that is inspiring people, "particularly in difficult times".

Speaking at the book launch of "What Do You Have in Your House" at George Washington House, last Friday, Mr. Thompson noted that the book could help citizens "get back to basics", and was therefore welcomed at this time.

The Prime Minister observed that the publication reminded him of John Hearne’s book, "What the Barbadian Means to me", which dealt with Barbadian thriftiness and entrepreneurship, which other people considered frugality and miserliness.

"I hope that you will inspire more than those whom you have inspired already. Maybe you have, but of course they now have the task of finding their own occasion in which they can make others be inspired to greatness and also to achieve what they want in life," Mr. Thompson stated.

In her remarks, Mrs. Every explained that prior to writing the book, she was having a financial crisis in her life and decided to seek employment, but was not meeting with much success.

This prompted her to write the book which was inspired by the Bible story of the widow’s oil. Noting that the widow had been left in debt by her husband, she said that she went to the prophet Elisha for help.

"He did not give her a handout, bailout or stimulus package. Instead, he asked her what she had in her house. He told her to take it and use it, to generate income from it," the writer said.?? ???????????????????????????????????????? ??????????

"I have a vision to go into the community and see people start to use their oil to provide for themselves … so that they don’t keep wanting handouts, they have a new mentality where they will begin to say I can do this myself," Mrs. Every added.

The launch was attended by several of the author’s friends who, after reading the book, decided to make additional income by utilising their talents in areas such as art, photography and disc jockeying.

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