Thursday, March 6, has been dubbed Book Day at Cuthbert Moore Primary School.

It is a day when students will come dressed in costumes like their favorite characters from a story book of choice and display their literacy skills.
Teacher Lecia Squires, in giving the rationale for the event, said it was designed to get more students involved in reading and writing.

???We want to encourage students to improve their reading skills and to develop within all students from nursery to Class Four this yearning for reading,??? she said, while noting that a number of individuals and bookstores had been invited to display and sell their books on that day.

Ms. Squires added that each class was given a book that they could either read or have read to them, by an adult, and was asked to depict its characters. Adding that tiny tots right through to 11 year-olds would present drama, poetry or song about their particular text, she said a series of exhibits were on walls across classrooms highlighting short stories, poems, songs and nursery rhymes written by the students.

Parents and guardians are especially invited to attend the Book Day which begins at 9:00 a.m. and runs until 3:00 p.m. The parade of costumes will be in the morning while the display of books by famous authors and bookstores, for purchase, will be in the evening.

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