The pictorial spread and rich, lustrous photographs of the second edition of the Historic Churches of Barbados has been described by this country???s Foreign Minister, Senator Maxine McClean, as ???a must have???.

The book, which captures the essence of this island???s Anglican churches, was presented to Senator McClean and Anglican Bishop of Barbados, the Most Reverend Dr. John Holder, by the author, Professor Sir Henry Fraser, at the Parliament Buildings on Wednesday.

Remarking that he hoped the book would be used to develop a form of church tourism here in Barbados, the noted Professor stated that any funds derived from the sales of the text would go towards the restoration of St. Michael???s Cathedral.

Pointing out that the book is ???a beautiful hardcover, ideal for the coffee table???with almost 120 photographs,??? the architectural historian also credited photographer, Mike Toy, and the layout by graphic artist, Neil Barnard, for creating ???a wonderful finished product???.

In lauding the publication, Senator McClean said she hoped that Barbadians across the diaspora would buy a copy as it was going towards a worthy cause.

She further stated that it would be added as one of the offerings at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for ambassadors and dignitaries during their courtesy calls.??Dr. Holder also praised the book, and called on Barbadians to purchase a copy as it captured the ???very spirit of the Anglican Church???.

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