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The Barbados Postal Service (BPS) will begin use of the Customs Declaration System (CDS), from July 1, this year.

This system was introduced to help streamline customs clearance by allowing participating post offices and customs departments to exchange advance data and calculate required duties and taxes.  

The BPS will start the CDS with postal items being sent via the Express Mail Service (EMS).  Along with the current EMS multi-part form being used, customers will be required to complete the Customs Declaration CN23. All barcoded postal items containing goods must be accompanied by the CN23.

The Universal Postal Union regulations require post offices to share information about the sender, contents and value with customs authorities for postal items being sent. 

The CDS will now enable the Barbados Postal Service to share this information via electronic data interchange (EDI) messaging before the package is sent.

This advance information is intended to help Customs decrease its own processing times. The CDS will also enable customs authorities to send EDI messages to post offices, which will allow them to better track packages as they make their way through the supply chain.

Barbados Postal Service

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