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The Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) is reminding current and former employees to submit their TAMIS Tax Identification Number (TIN) to all of their 2020 employers, if they have not yet done so.

For persons to file a return, they must provide their TIN to each of the employers for whom they have worked in 2020. This is so those employers can upload any income, allowances and tax deducted on their behalf.

“Each person has the responsibility of submitting their TIN to their employer or other third party providers. This requirement is for any individual whether filing for personal income tax or claiming a reverse tax credit,” said Erica Lazare, the BRA’s Communication Officer.

“This is one of the more frequently experienced challenges during the income tax filing season. If a TIN is not provided, it hampers the employer’s ability to upload complete information and this ultimately impacts the information available in the system for an individual to file a return,” she explained.

Barbados Revenue Authority

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