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As taxpayers continue to file their 2021 personal income tax (PIT) returns, the Barbados Revenue Authority urges persons to check the third-party information uploaded before filing.

Carolyn Williams-Gayle, the Authority’s manager, Communications and PR stressed the importance of taxpayers checking that the information uploaded in TAMIS is accurate. 

“The return for 2021 is ready and available for filing, but a number of third-party institutions have not yet completed uploads to the particular taxpayer’s account. So, before filing, taxpayers first need to check that all of their information has been uploaded and pay special attention to the accuracy of the figures uploaded. This is a very important step prior to submitting your return, as this information determines the taxpayers’ final obligation,” she explained.

“Third-party information consists of employment income, pension information, taxes deducted, charity donations, trade union dues, NIS benefits such as maternity and unemployment as well as goods and services income from contracted work.”

Mrs. Williams-Gayle indicated that to access this information, persons should log in to their TAMIS account, and follow three steps.

“When in TAMIS, go to the Account tab to select the third-party information option from the drop-down list, select the year 2021 and click Search. This produces a listing of all of the 2021 third-party information that has been uploaded for the taxpayer,” she explained.

“After reviewing the list, if any information is missing or incorrect, taxpayers should contact the institutions responsible for uploading the information to alert them to make the necessary corrections. Examples of these entities include taxpayers’ employers, churches, any affiliated charities or trade unions. If taxpayers do this, they can be confident that they are filing an accurate tax return for 2021.”

Additionally, she reminds persons to ensure that their address, contact and banking information are correct.

“The other information which persons should ensure is accurate, relates to their personal details. Persons should update their address and contact information in TAMIS if these have changed. They should also ensure that they have used the correct account number for their direct debit account and that the account used is active. Inaccuracies with this information will result in delays in receiving refund payments for 2021 if due, as all current refunds are paid by bank-to-bank transfer and no longer by cheque.  Where in doubt about banking details, taxpayers should reach out to their banking institution prior to filing to verify these details” she said.

Barbados Revenue Authority

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