Gold medallist hurdler, Ryan Brathwaite autographing posters for supporters during the motorcade.??

Golden boy Ryan Brathwaite, was the toast of St. Andrew last weekend during a motorcade in his honour, as dozens of adoring fans came out to celebrate his victory in the 110 meters hurdles in Berlin, Germany, last month.

The procession, which began and ended at Farmers Pavilion, St. Thomas, followed a route which took them through the St. Andrew districts of Bawdens, Walkers Tenantry Road, Belleplaine, Shorey Village, Ermy Bourne Highway and Barclays Park.

Along the way, the parade paused for a few minutes outside the Conrad Hunte Sports Club where a cricket match was being played.?? As the convoy of vehicles approached, the excited players raced to the Barbados Defence Force’s Landrover to get an autographed poster of Brathwaite.

The World Champion promised his supporters to press on with athletics and winning more gold medals for Barbados.

The festivities ended on a high note with more celebrations and performances by reigning Calypso Monarch, Red Plastic Bag and King Shepherd.??

The motorcade was organised by the 13:14 Gold Committee and the Ryan Brathwaite homecoming celebration group.

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